Saturday, November 27, 2010

Standing Desk = Success

I'm typing these words with the help of my fresh-off-the-assembly-line standing desk. I'd spent a little time daydreaming about what the perfect standing desk would be like and all it took was a quick trip to Home Depot and some help from my shop craft-skilled dad (okay, he did 95% of the work, but I'll take as much credit as I can). In all, the expenses totaled $15 and it only took a about two hours to put together, which isn't bad considering this was our first foray into the art of building standing desks. I'm quite satisfied with the finished product, although we are considering modifications to make it even snazzier.

The obvious question: why a standing desk? Simple answer: better posture, less pain. You don't have to search for long to find someone with lower back pain. Chances are looking in a mirror will show you someone with lower back pain. Anyway, sitting for prolonged periods of time will cause your hip flexors and erector spinae to shorten, which often induces anterior pelvic tilt and back pain. So the purpose of the standing desk is to a) reinforce better posture and b) to prevent you from sitting and worsening your posture. I know that some people claim that they work more efficiently at a standing desk, but I haven't looked for any research to support that claim (if you know of some, please share it with me).

I'll be bringing it with me back to school and maybe I might find a customer or two although, as any parent who has failed to get their kids to eat their vegetables knows, most teenagers aren't be overly concerned about the deleterious effects of prolonged sitting.

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